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Telecommunications technology has been, and continues to be, a driver of innovation and globalisation, connecting people across borders and allowing us to disseminate multitudes of data in a fraction of a second. It is, however, a small wonder that this industry is subject to everchanging rules and regulations as legislatures try to address the dynamic nature of the telecommunications industry. Operators within the industry need to keep up with the latest market trends and deploy the newest technology if they are to remain competitive.

This means that operators in the telecommunications industry need legal counsel they can trust to be up to date with current legislation while having a firm understanding of their market. At Cronje Inc., our attorneys are deeply knowledgeable in domestic and international policy governing telecommunications. We also have hands-on experience advising some of the most prominent players in the market. We understand your needs and we are committed to coming up with innovative, sustainable solutions.

Our services:

Our services include:

  • Telecommunications M&A and Restructuring;
  • Licensing and Procurement; 
  • Advisory Work; 
  • Trademark Portfolio Development; 
  • Commercial Transactions; 
  • Patent Licensing and Enforcement.