Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance - checklist

Doing business in Namibia will require investors to obtain certain licenses, permits, and approvals to lawfully establish and conduct their business operations in Namibia.

Cronjé Inc maintains good relationships with ministries and regulators in order to assist clients with the relevant procedures to be followed in establishing their business in Namibia as well as the all incidental opportunities and incentives.

Given our expertise in a broad range of industries we are able to assist with the following licensing and/or registration procedures to name a few:

  • Registration of financial institutions such as long-term and short-term insurance brokers, unlisted investment managers, linked investment service providers and unit trust funds with the Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority;
  • Obtaining mining and/or prospecting licenses with the Ministry of Mines and Energy;
  • Obtaining retail or wholesale fuel License from the Ministry of Mines and Energy;
  •  Telecommunications, broadcasting and spectrum licenses with the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia;
  •  Obtaining approval or merger notifications with the Namibia Competition Commission; and
  •  Certificate investor status with the Namibia Investment Promotion Board.

We also assist our clients with the drafting and submission of compliance reports if required by the relevant regulator.