Fiduciary Services

hand shake - Fiduciary services

We provide a broad range of fiduciary services to clients so that their structures will operate effectively and efficiently. This typically includes acting as independent trustees or non-executive directors and taking the necessary steps to ensure that the active management of an entity is deemed to be in Namibia for purposes of governance and administration.

The appointment of one of our independent trustees and/or non-executive directors on a client’s structure adds considerable value by ensuring the client’s Namibian operations are managed effectively from Namibia and comply with the local regulatory requirements. This service has been vital to South African clients who want to ensure that their Namibian operations are not deemed to be a controlled foreign company in terms of the South African Income Tax Act.

This service is augmented by our Company Secretarial Department. Our Secretarial Department assists clients with the implementation of Namibian corporate governance best practices in addition to advising clients on the best procedures to follow in relation to the appointment and removal of directors, policies relating to director rotation, and the induction of directors.