We further provide Notarial Services to clients.  These services include:

·      Authentication of Documents for use outside Namibia;

·      Legalisation of public documents in the Republic of Namibia in terms of the provisions of the Hague Convention;

·      Drafting of Ante-Nuptial Contracts 

·      Notarial execution of Trust Deeds;

·      Preparation of Notarial Bonds;

·      Preparation of Notarial Servitudes; and

·      Execution of Long Term Lease Agreements.

Should you require any document that is to be notarial executed in Namibia, kindly contact us in order to assist in this regard. 

Registration of Namibian Ante-Nuptial Agreements

We regularly receive queries relating to the registration of Namibian Ante-Nuptial Contracts.  In order to assist with the process and in order to provide an effective service in this regard we have created an online form to be completed by parties who require an Namibian Ante-Nuptial Contract.  The form can be completed at the following link: INFORMATION FOR NAMIBIAN ANTE-NUPTIAL AGREEMENT 

The Namibian Deeds Registries Act [47 of 1937] provides that all Namibian Ante-Nuptial contract executed in Namibia shall be registered in Namibia within three months of the date of execution.  It is important to note that a Namibian Ante-Nuptial contract can only be executed before a Namibian Notary Public.  

Namibian law does not allow the registration of a post-nuptial agreements (unless the consent of the High Court of Namibia is obtained) .  It is therefore important that prospective parties to a marriage (who intend to be married out of community of property) are to ensure that their Namibian Ante-Nuptial agreement is executed (before a Namibian Notary Public) prior to the date of their marriage.  

It is further important to note that should a husband who is domiciled in Namibia enter into a marriage, he is required to register the Ante-Nuptial contract in Namibia, irrespective thereof that the marriage was concluded in a jurisdiction other than Namibia.

Notarial Authentication of documents for use outside Namibia

We further provide a service in terms whereof we assist clients in the authentication of documents for use outside Namibia.