In order to assist us to provide an more effective service, we have included certain basic forms that can be completed and submitted.  The forms are intended to allow us to record the relevant required information for the specific service. 

Wills and Estate Planning

Should you require our office to prepare a will on your behalf, kindly complete the following form:

WILL FORM (follow the link)

In order to allow us to register a Namibian Trust on your behalf, we require the following information:
The appointment of trustees in Namibia is regulated by the provisions of the Trust Monies Protection Act.  It is important to note that a trustee is to be confirmed in his appointment by the Master of the High Court prior to acting on behalf of the trust.  Should a trustee act prior to be appointed the actions may be deemed to be void.

Registration of Namibian Companies
In order to register a Namibian Company or a Namibian Close Corporation on, we will require the information stated on the following form:
Should you require us to assist you in determining the correct structure for your Namibian operations, kindly contact us at the details stated on the bottom of the page.  It may be beneficial to ensure that your operations are structured in an effective and practical manner.

Registration of Namibian Ante-Nuptial Agreements

The Namibian Deeds Registries Act [47 of 1937] provides that any antenuptial agreement executed in Namibia shall be registered in Namibia within three months of the date of execution.  Namibian law further does not allow (unless the consent of the Court is obtained) for the execution of a post-nuptial agreement.  It is therefore important that prospective couples are to ensure that their Namibian antenuptial  agreement is executed before the date of their marriage.  
In practice in Namibia the Notary issues a notarial certificate to indicate that the relevant agreement has indeed been executed before him/her.

In order to allow assist you in the registration of a Namibian antenuptial agreement, we require the following information.