We have recently assisted a number of clients in the appointment of Curators.  

A curator is required where a person is no longer able to manage his or her own affairs.  The effect of appointing a curator is that the curator manages the affairs on behalf of the person who is no longer able to manage his own affairs. 

In Namibia an application for the appointment of a curator ad litem or a curator bonis is made to the High Court of Namibia.  Any Namibian curator executes his duties subject to the supervision of the Master of the High Court in Windhoek.

A curator is normally appointed for a person who does not have the mental capacity to manage his own affairs.  

We have prepared a booklet which sets out the basic requirements as well as the process for the appointment of a Curator in Namibia.  To download the booklet, click on the following link: APPLICATION FOR APPOINTMENT A CURATOR AD LITEM AND CURATOR BONIS IN NAMIBIA

Should you require more information in this regard, you are invited to contact.