We render a broad range of Namibian Company Secretarial Services to both Local and International Clients.

We assist clients with the registration of Namibian entities, these include:
  • Public Companies;
  • Private Companies; 
  • Close Corporations;
  • Associations not for Gain; and
  • Trusts.

Namibian Company Registrations

We on a daily basis incorporate Namibian Companies on behalf of clients.  We further ensure that all company secretarial documentation relating to the new entity is put in place and is maintained.  This includes that appointment of directors, appointment of auditors as well as the issue of the relevant Namibian Share Certificates.

We further have dormant entities (Namibian Shelf Companies) that have been registered in advance.  A shelf company allows a client to immediately commence operations without having to go through the time consuming process of incorporating a new Namibian entity.

Should you want to incorporate a Namibian Company or if you want to acquire a Namibian Shelf Company, you are invited to contact us at the e-mail address stated hereunder.

Namibian Close Corporation Registrations

We further assist clients in the incorporation of Namibian Close Corporations.  For a startup that is managed personally by a client a Namibian Close Corporation allows for certain benefits to a client.  

 We further have dormant shelf close corporations that have been registered as to allow clients to take immediate ownership of the entity.

The basic advantage of a Namibian Close Corporation is found in the simplicity of its structure.  For a business that is personally managed a close corporation is usually the appropriate vehicle. It is however important to note that only natural persons may be members of a Namibian Close Corporation.  Where the beneficial owner will not involved in the day to day operations of the enterprise a Namibian Company is normally a better entity to use.

Should you want to incorporate a Namibian Close Corporation or if you want to acquire a Namibian Shelf Close Corporation, you are invited to contact us at the e-mail address stated hereunder.

Registration of External Companies in Namibia

In terms of the provisions of the Namibian Companies Act, any company which has not been incorporated in terms of Namibian Law , which has an establishment in Namibia is required to register as a external company in Namibia.  A external companies are rarely registered as most investors prefer to operate through a subsidiary that are incorporated in Namibia.  However, there may be certain advantages associated with registering a foreign entity as an external company in Namibia.  

You are invited to contact us in order to obtain a quotation in order to register your foreign entity as as an external company in Namibia

Advice to Shareholders of Namibian Companies

We have further advised a number of clients on the matters relating to the relationship between shareholders in a Namibian company.  This includes the drafting and negotiation of shareholders agreements that comply with the Namibian Companies Act.  We have further assisted various clients in matters relating to shareholders disputes.


Financing Transactions

We have recently assisted clients in setting up structures that allow for the issue of preference shares as a means to provide financing Companies in Namibia.  You are invited to contact us in order to obtain more information regarding such structures.

Secretarial Services

We have a dedicated staff member that is responsible for providing secretarial services to Namibian entities.  This includes acting as the registered office for a Namibian company with shareholders and directors who are located abroad as well as ensuring that the annual duty of the Namibian entity is paid to the relevant authorities.



Should you require a Namibian Company or a Namibian Close Corporation or any of the other services stated on this page, you are invited to contact us in order to request a quote. It should be noted that certain of our secretarial services are rendered through a separate entity known as MySolutions Trust.