Christiaan Cronjé 


Christiaan is a Namibian Attorney and a Notary Public.  He holds degrees in both Accounting and Law from the University of Stellenbosch and a postgraduate diploma in Drafting and Interpretation of Contracts from the University of Johannesburg. This broad background has proven invaluable to clients in various commercial transactions.

Christiaan provides a service that goes further than the mere drafting the contracts.  He assists clients in understanding the transaction, provides advice on all aspects of transactions, including structure, risk, tax and financing relating thereto. He represents a number of clients in the financial services sector including commercial banks, insurance companies and local and foreign investment funds.  He has assisted a number of clients in the establishment of capital raising structures.

Christiaan is well versed in the law regulating corporate structures and has been involved in the implementation of a number of intricate structures.  He has assisted various Namibian corporates in the implementation and review of their governance structures.

Christiaan is well known for his ability to find innovative and practical solutions to problems faced by clients. His commitment to consistent hard work allows him to gain an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ business and their specific needs. This, combined with his knowledge of the law, allows him to add real value to client’s endeavours.

Christiaan can be contacted at cronje@cronjelaw.com 


 Helene Cronjé 


Helene is a Namibian Attorney and Conveyancer.  She holds degrees BComm (Law) and LLB from the University of Stellenbosch. 

Her focus is on trademarks as well as conveyancing matters. Helene attends to trademark related matters at the firm as well all property transactions.  She further attends to drafting of agreements, corporate and commercial work, administration of deceased estates and estate planning. She is further responsible for the registration of new Namibian entities including companies, close corporations and trusts. 

Helene further assists client in the filing of patent and trademark applications with ARIPO.

Helene has an in depth knowledge on Namibian Intellectual Property law and is renowned as being a very efficient Namibian Trade Mark Attorney. She is further a member of the South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law and of the International Trademark Association.

Helene is highly regarded for her effective client service.

Helene can be contacted at helene@cronjelaw.com 


 Heinrich Jansen van Vuuren
Heinrich Jansen van Vuuren is both a Namibian Attorney and a Chartered Accountant.  He is a member of the Institute for Chartered Accountants and holds a BAcc LLB degree from the University of Stellenbosch, a BCompt Hons as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Taxation from UNISA.

He comes from a commercial background, having completed his training contract with Grant Thornton Neuhaus before being admitted as a Chartered Accountant in Namibia.  Thereafter he has gained experience in the corporate business environment during his employment as a financial manager with a short-term insurance company where he gained in depth knowledge of financial planning, -forecasting and -reporting, personnel management, compliance, taxation and various other aspects of the business environment.

Heinrich enjoys assisting clients and consulting on the effective structuring and negotiation of complex commercial transactions where he adds value with his working knowledge of business, finance and taxation.

Heinrich has a growing reputation as an exceptional commercial attorney.

Heinrich can be contacted at heinrich@cronjelaw.com

 Sune De Klerk


Sune is an admitted Namibian Attorney.  She holds B Juris and LLB degrees from the University of Namibia and has been employed at the firm since 2011. 

Suné is responsible for litigation matters at the firm.  Suné is well regarded as being highly efficient litigation attorney.  She currently act on behalf of a number of high profile clients in complex commercial litigation matters.


Suné also has a keen interest in insolvency law and she has recently filed a number of applications for the sequestration of various persons and entities where the normal collection procedure has become unpractical.  Suné is further regularly appointed as a curator ad litem by the High Court of Namibia.

Sune can be contacted at 



Nicole Kloppers


Nicole is employed at the firm as a Namibian Attorney.  She holds B Juris and LLB degrees from the University of Namibia. 

Nicole is a member of the Law Society of Namibia's Standing Committee on Commercial Law.

Nicole has a broad commercial background in banking law and insurance law.   Nicole has built a reputation as being an effective and hardworking litigant.   

Nicole has assisted a number of clients with numerous compliance related aspects.  She advises clients on the legislative requirements in order to operate in Namibia and has assisted clients in a variety of sectors to obtain the required licenses, permits or approvals to lawfully proceed with their operations. 

Nicole can be contacted at nicole@cronjelaw.com  

Carmen Strauss

Carmen holds an LLB degree from the University of the Free State and is employed at the firm as a candidate attorney. 

Carmen is principally involved in our fiduciary department and assists clients in the management of their Namibian structures.  This involves all aspects from advice on Namibian law, the review of agreements to maintenance of company registers.  Carmen ensures that our fiduciary department is managed efficiently.

Carmen and has assisted a number of clients in the establishment of intricate company structures in order to optimise tax and operational efficiencies.

Carmen further manages our trust department and attends to the establishment of new Namibian trusts as well the administration of existing client trusts.

Carmen further regularly acts as external company secretary to a number of clients, where she provides a company secretarial function at board and shareholder meetings and duly prepares the relevant board packs.


Carmen can be contacted by email at carmen@cronjelaw.com.


Katherine Amakali


Katherine holds an LLB degree from the University of Namibia and is currently completing her LLM in International Trade Law at the University of Stellenbosch.

Her LLM thesis is on the “Effect of the Promotion of Investment Act of 2016 on the Investment Environment in Namibia: a legal perspective.”


She is currently employed at the firm as a candidate attorney for the purpose of completing her post-graduate legal training for admission as an attorney in Namibia through the Namibian Justice Training Centre. Katherine’s main interests are in international tax law, investment law, company law,  commercial arbitration, maritime law and drafting and reviewing commercial agreements.