Practice areas

We are a firm of Namibian Attorneys.  This page will give a broad overview of certain of the services provided by our firm. 

We have two main focus areas in our practice, being:

1.    Assisting international clients to operate in Namibia and to ensure that the rights of international clients are protected in Namibia; and

2.    Acting on behalf of high new worth individuals. this regard we provide the following services:



A concern that is faced by a number of local Namibian as well as foreign entities operating in Namibia is the assurance that they are in compliance with the applicable Namibian Legislation. We have advised a number of clients on the practical implications of various Namibian laws as well as the measures to take to ensure compliance.  We have a broad knowledge of the Namibian law and have the ability to provide practical advice on a broad range of aspects pertaining to the Namibian law. 


We provide a broad range of corporate transaction advisory services.  These services include advice on commercial transactions and on debt programs.



We have assisted a number of clients in setting up various commercial structures, which include the drafting of all relevant Namibian agreements.  We further regularly review agreements that are used by foreign entities in order to ensure that the agreements comply with Namibian law. As Namibian Commercial Attorneys, we have extensive experience in the drafting of agreements for various sectors of the Namibian economy. To this extent we note that we currently represent clients in the following sectors of the Namibian economy: commercial, financial, mining, fishing, manufacturing, services and agriculture.  

Should you require assistance with an agreement in Namibia, you are invited to contact us to discuss you requirements.  



We have assisted a number of international entities in registering and protecting their Trade Marks in Namibia.  The process to enforce Trade Mark in Namibia may require an application to the High Court of Namibia in order to obtain an interdict against the offending party.  It is important to note that in terms of the Namibian Trade Marks Act a Trade Marks is required to be registered in Namibia in order to enjoy protection in Namibia. 

A proprietor of a Trade Mark that is not registered in Namibia will retain certain basic common law rights in Namibia.  These rights are however difficult to enforce in the absence of a Registered Namibian Trade Mark.  

It is further important to note that a proprietors rights to a Namibian Trade Mark will only become enforceable on the date that the registration of the specific mark is confirmed by the Namibian Registrar of Trade Marks, the proprietor will however have retrospective protection from the date of lodgement of the application for the Namibia Trade Mark. 

For more information on Namibian Trade Marks, kindly visit our page on Trademarks.



 We assist clients in the registration of Namibian Companies, Close Corporations and Trust.  We further have Namibian shelf companies that are available should a client urgently require an entity through which to conduct its Namibian operations.

For more information on Namibian Companies, view our page on Namibian Companies



The Namibian Competition Act requires that where a merger of any Namibian entity or business is proposed, each of the affected parties must notify the Namibian Competition Commission of the proposed transaction. In terms of section 42 of the  Namibian Competition Act a merger occurs when you directly or indirectly acquire (or establish direct or indirect control over) the whole or part of the business of another undertaking.  This definition is so broad that any acquisition of any Namibian entity may be deemed to be a merger.  

We have assisted a number of clients in preparing and submitting the required notices to the Namibian Competition Commission. We have further advised a number of clients on the steps that are required in order to comply with the provisions of the Namibian Competition Act.



We assist clients in the process of of transferring Properties in Namibia.  This includes the drafting of the relevant agreements as well as attending to the transfers.  We further advise clients on appropriate structures to use for property transactions.  

For more information on conveyancing matters, view our page on Namibian Property Law.


An aspect which is normally neglected by entities is proper estate planning.  

In terms of the Namibian Administration of Estates Act, all assets of a deceased person which was located in Namibia at the time of his death needs to be administered and distributed in terms of Namibian law.  May expatiates that move to Namibia fail to ensure that their last will and testament complies with the provisions of Namibian law.  We therefore advise most entities that commence operations in Namibia to ensure that the provisions of the Namibian Wills Act is complied with. 

We have a specialized software system that allows us to automate a large portion of the Namibian estate administration process. This allows us to effectively finalize deceased estates.  

We have assisted a number of clients in setting up family trusts as well as blind trusts through which assets can be held.

 For more information on our trust services, view our page on Namibian Trusts


As attorneys, we regularly represent clients in litigation proceedings in the various Namibian Courts.
We are currently involved in litigation proceedings in various Namibian courts in matters pertaining to inter alia: interpretation of contracts, enforcement of the rights of shareholders, administrative review proceedings against the Namibian Government of Namibia and claims for damages and enforcement of rights.

Due to the specialised nature of litigation proceedings, we normally employ the services of advocates from the Namibian Society of Advocates to appear on behalf of our clients at litigation proceedings.

We further act as correspondent firm for a number of international law firms in Namibia.  Through this service international clients are able to bring or defend actions in the Namibian Courts.  

 The aforesaid services are normally provided in-house, we however have an extended network of consultants and associates that assist us where more specialised knowledge is required.